insurance renovating home

Home insurance cover at risk when renovating

Renovating an existing dwelling rather than buying or building a new one has become the

popular option for an ever-increasing number of homeowners.


For those who are considering serious home improvements it’s important to know that

your home policy covering the dwelling and contents may fall short of the cover required

whilst building work is being undertaken.


Insurers accept the risk of a home insurance policy on the assumption that it is:

  • An intact building,
  • Will not have part or all of its roof removed.
  • Will not have some of its stumps or part of the foundations temporarily weakened
  • or removed.
  • Will not have any of the external walls opened or removed.

Depending on the Insurer and their policy wording, you may find that the cover on your

home is limited to some extent whilst alterations and additions are being carried out.


Before commencement of renovation work it is advisable to obtain the precise details of

your builders insurance as it affects you. It’s also recommended that you contact us so

that changes, if required, can be made to your existing insurance to accommodate the new